A PILLAR OF PEPPER. David C. Cook, 1982. by John Knapp II. Illust. by Diane Turner Deckert.

In nursery rhyme style, 85 rhymes describe and reflect Biblical characters and events in both the Old and New Testaments.  Original verse, not changing older classic poems, but employing (behind the lines) Anglo-Saxon dipodic structure.  A picture for every rhyme, and a Scripture reference in small print. Indexed by subject, and running sequentially from Genesis to Revelation, make this book an ideal source for Sunday school lessons, and children’s sermons.  Winner of the first C. S. Lewis Gold Medal in 1983.    [ ISBN 0-89191-559-1 ]

A Pillar of Pepper   A Pillar of Pepper

THE BURGOMASTER’S RAIN. Ephemeron Press, 1990. by John Knapp II. Illust. by Dominic Catalano.

Terrible, unpredictable weather seems to be the worst problem in peaceful Leidenkerk. But when the town’s young leader stumbles across a dark secret to make things better, Leidenkerk’s troubles really begin. An illustrated fairy tale written in classic style that deals with the conflict between good and evil. Some romance. One of 10 finalists for the C. S. Lewis Gold Medal in 1990. Dominic Catalano’s first (of now 26) illustrated books. [ ISBN 0-912290-11-0 ]

A Pillar of Pepper   A Pillar of Pepper

HOMERIC ADDENDUM. Ephemeron Press, 1990. edited by John Knapp II. Illust. by Dominic Catalano.

The rest of the story of The Iliad and The Odyssey, or at least a part of it. Includes poems about four prominent Greek Women—Kryseis, Briseis, Nausikaa, and Penelope—written by Linda Loomis; the story, “The Rewarding of Eumaios” by Dan Philips; and “Telemakhos and Nausikaa” by Cynthia Crawley. These new poems and stories, which extend the tale about what happened in the old classics, were written as part of a special project at State University of New York directed by their teacher, John Knapp II.

[ ISBN 0-912290-12-9 ]

A Pillar of Pepper    A Pillar of Pepper