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Sold on Amazon in both print and ebook formats. Below includes some commentary that reviewers couldn’t get Amazon to publish in its difficult task of regulating and protecting products they offer. See also A Dozen Seconds web site.

   The Blood of Three Worlds PLOT: After EMP destroys the electrical power grid, and civilization crumbles, two precocious, caring, and naive teens (a boy and a girl—with Bibles) and their pilot take a one-way, forever flight to a low-tech exoplanet to face identical humans, a new culture and language, acceptance, life, each other, and death.

   A picture of a sawed-off shotgun slid under a church auditorium window starts off this very readable story… [See author’s comments elsewhere.]

TBOTW is the adventure. (This in no way spoils reading EINA later.)

EINA is the prequel.

For The Blood of Three Worlds (Amazon, 2019, 500pp. with pictures)

“Jaw-dropping from beginning to end. The Blood of Three Worlds reminds me that things are rarely what they first seem and that love can be the most surprising action we can choose…Will keep the reader engaged from beginning to end.”

—Stephanie Whitacre

young mother and Family Ministries writer

“Two untrained youths are thrust reluctantly into a cross-cultural environment to face many of our modern-day dilemmas.  The Blood of Three Worlds is an engaging mix of technology, adventure, faith and romance.  It is both imaginative and thought-provoking—well worth reading.”

Dr. J. Andy Ring,

sociolinguist and Bible Translator

“Warning: This well-crafted tale is liable to ignite the imagination! This complex, fun story weaves a variety of unusual themes into an entertaining blend of adventure, faith and romance. I particularly enjoyed discovering the new world that several of the characters are transported to, which was vivid, exciting and alien while still feeling vaguely familiar. Two thumbs up!”

—Ethan Knapp

Israeli businessman & teacher

“As an ex-scientist, I enjoyed it as science fiction (devastation by EMP, interplanetary travel of a trans-dimensional sort). As a retired theologian, I thought it gave an interesting treatment of the gospel and extra-terrestrials. It also has a gripping plot…It contains valuable thoughts on coming of age, what life is all about, and how the truth of Christianity impacts this. An excellent read!”

—Robert C. Newman, PhD, MDiv, STM

astrophysicist/theologian, seminary prof. of New Testament,    

founder of the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute — IBRI.org

“If we weren’t good neighbors, I probably wouldn’t have given your [long] manuscript a second look. It takes me ten days to finish [such a] book. But John, I read TBOTW in four days…I couldn’t put it down. A couple of parts I had to stop and fight back tears…can’t remember any other book that’s had such an effect on me.”

—Charlie Ellis

an octogenarian bibliophile who I rely on

 for honest answers

“You have brought the Torah [O.T.] back to Christians in this book…done gently…starting with Shabbat [the Sabbath] and THAT is never seen in any Christian novels…fulfilling one of His [Jesus’] commands to teach Torah or don’t teach at all.” —Mt. 5:17-19

—Donna Claus

proprietor, Ultima Thule Luxury Lodge Wrangel, Alaska

“Depicts the realization that Elohim [a name for the Biblical God] is indeed the God of the universe, and the creator of the heavens and earth. Dr. Knapp…provides an intriguing tale of human emotion on man’s journey to salvation…and depicts Elohim’s presence of filling the heavens and earth. It’s a psychological thriller that opens man’s mind to the concept of a ‘theological thriller.’”

—Robert Lehton PsyD      

pastor & Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Why did God create such a vast universe, with so many stars, and as scientists are now finding, so many planets? I wonder…as does John Knapp in his The Blood of Three Worlds…The story starts on Earth…in the not too distant future—in a not too hard to believe scenario. It guides you in with Michael and Triana to places and people that God could have created—as He did us on Earth.

—Jack Maynard

Instructor at Binghamton Univ.  and former software architect for

aircraft systems who lives in the  (future) Susquehanna Territory

For Earth Is Not Alone (Amazon, 2009, 500pp. with pictures, not necessary to be read before The Blood of Three Worlds)

Earth is Not Alone PLOT: After the electric power grid disappears everywhere and life “adjusts” as best as it can in the new “Susquehanna Territory,” an atheistic English teacher in what’s left of high school accuses his two best students—a precocious and naïve boy and girl both orphaned by tragedy—of a bizarre act of “collusion” that just may relate to the country’s loss of power. To learn more, the three of them and the teens’ Christian pastor must read and analyze two complete (and included)—separate but linked—short stories about happenings in another world, strangely sounding like fairy tales, that have turned up in different parts of the United States. (All action is on Earth. After 10 hours, it becomes the longest parent/teacher/student conference ever recorded.)

“As a Fortune 500 software engineer who grew up in what becomes…’The Susquehanna Territory”… [this is] a riveting read that will keep you guessing with each twist. One note of caution: don’t pick this up if you need to be well rested in the morning.”

—Eric Wood

whose old home is near “Big Bend”

“Reminiscent of Lewis, Tolkien, and L’Engle, Earth Is Not Alone … swept me away—laughing at the cleverness of the heroes and crying at their joys and defeats. The details…make it realistic, but sometimes in lands never explored before. Right to the last page this story will leave you aching to know what happened next.”

—Stephanie Whitacre

[then] Campus Life Director Lackawanna Trail High School

“Love, romance, tragedy, and responsibility after…Earth’s modern technology collapses. This tale has enough mystery to inspire readers—young and old—to discuss ‘theories of truth and being’ long into the night! Be prepared to travel to other worlds.”

—Gladys Hunt

author, editor & critic of y.a. Christian books.

“A nice job!…in the ballpark with Lawhead…I liked it even better [reading it] the second time!”

—Robert Newman, PhD

Astrophysicist & seminary prof of N.T (See earlier note.)

   “EINA raises intriguing questions and makes… plausible conjectures about Christianity on other worlds. Answers to which we won’t find until we make contact with aliens or arrive in heaven, but which are… fascinating for those of us waiting on Earth.”    [See also above at TBOTW]

—Jack Maynard

Avionics software writer, andInstructor at Binghampton Univ.

who lives in the (future) Susquehanna Territory

“Sci-fi and mystery…teen romance…the first book I’ve ever seen that truly tackles the concept of life in other worlds from within a Christian worldview.”

—Grace Bridges

reviewer from New Zealand (titletrakk.com)

“The best book I ever read!” (declared at age 100)

—Eleanor Knapp Coates

(Thanks again, Mom.)