Elphia Facts

Much said in the “introduction” to Emryss applies here.

Our main source of knowledge about this planet, if it in fact exists, is learned from analyzing the two stories that turned up in the American Midwest.  And they don’t say much.  There possibly is one more source, but you’ll have to encounter that—person—for yourself and decide how reliable the information is.

According to these sources, ELPHIA:

  • Is similar in size to Earth, has a similar sun, but two moons instead of one.
  • Is inhabited by humans, with similar appearance and DNA to Earth humans, who are remnants from a civilization technologically superior to Earth, but which has suffered great tragedy.  Further, these humans have destroyed all their religious documents and traditions, calling them superstitious, except for one curious prophecy that remains.
  • Has the same minutes, hours, days, and weeks as Earth and Emryss.