Emryss Facts

Some simple Q & A:

Has science confirmed the existence of Emryss?


Science has, however, recently discovered several planets circling suns, or stars, not greatly unlike our own.  But these planets are large and gaseous.  (Think Jupiter.)  NEWS FLASH [AP]: ON APR. 21, 2009, ACC. TO SWISS ASTROPHYSICIST MICHEL MAYOR, A NEW, THE SMALLEST EXOPLANET EVER DETECTED, CALLED “GLIESE 581 e,” HAS JUST BEEN DISCOVERED. THIS PLANET, 20.5 LIGHT YEARS AWAY, IS 1.9 TIMES THE SIZE OF EARTH AND IS IN A “HABITABLE ZONE.”  

Does the Bible say there are other planets with humans on them?  People with similar appearance (and DNA) to humans on Earth?  And people who are similarly “fallen”?


But the Bible—in its silence—does not forbid that possibility either.

Please realize that there are lots of important—and real—things that we know exist that are nowhere, at least directly, mentioned in the Bible.  For example, quarks, atoms, molecules, DNA, cells, single-celled organisms, even spiders—of which there are many, many kinds—are not mentioned either.

Yet we do not question their existence—at least we haven’t in the past century or two.  God did not choose to tell us about such things—in the Bible—for His own reasons, one of which might have been that there was no language available to attach to such phenomena.  This said, consider the dilemma the Prophet Ezekiel and the Apostle John had when trying to describe future things which they had little or no understanding of, much less words for, but things they nonetheless “saw.”

Or, in a—let’s call it—medieval setting on planet Emryss where Crown Prince Gavin has a heavenly vision about another world.  In it lines of automobiles are forever stalled on a roadway, where EMP {see EMP} has forever doomed them.  “They looked like coaches, dear Mother, but there wasn’t a horse in sight!”  But whoa!  That’s pushing too far ahead too fast!

Let’s go back.  Back to science.

One of the arguments for the need for some outside “tinkering” to make Earth suitable for humans—any kind of life, really—is that the world is “finely tuned” in several dozen ways which are absolutely essential to life. If certain forces, particles, ratios of one kind of matter to another, etc. varied or changed in the slightest way, then life as we know it would never have formed, or any organisms in existence would suddenly die.

The mathematical odds against life “forming” naturally on any planet—including Earth—are staggering.  [This, incidentally, is one factor that fueled the Intelligent Design movement, which I, in general, support.  For my brief, annotated bibliography of worthy books written by key scientists and philosophers in this movement, see {RESOURCES}.  Download is free.]

And several, not just Christians, have said that the chance of human life anywhere else on the billions of planets that must exist in the universe is “zero.”

We, then, are it.

But wait!

If the God made the universe and tinkered with the fine-tuning of Earth, and creatures like me who could write these words, why then couldn’t he do the same sort of supernatural tinkering elsewhere?  And create other humans with similar appearance and DNA?

Well, if he did, then the Bible doesn’t say.  And God apparently doesn’t want us to know—at least, so far.

Nor does reputable science help us…at least science that’s been reported.  No reason to waste time here.

But over time things happen.

For example, in the 17th century Robert Hooke discovered “cells” in a piece of cork.  The Bible didn’t help him do this, and science only gave him a tool (a microscope).  Cells were not something to think about until they were detected.  Then this part of God’s work had to be considered.

In the 21st century (ahead of where we now are) it has been suggested in two strange stories (in Earth Is Not Alone) that two other worlds, planet worlds, exist.  Ridiculous, according to all we’ve learned from reliable sources!  These are just stories!  But the more the stories are looked at and analyzed—by some unusual people—the more they seem to say.

According to them, EMRYSS:

  • Is similar in size to Earth, and revolves around a similar sun.
  • Has a slightly larger moon.
  • Is inhabited by humans—“fallen”people with similar appearance and DNA to humans elsewhere, people created in the image of God who are less technologically advanced than those on Earth, and people who have surprisingly similar religious traditions (which raise serious questions on Earth!).  At least 3 people “taken” from Emryss, and possibly still another planet, may have arrived on Earth.
  • Has identical minutes, hours, days, weeks, but not…

That’s enough, more than enough.