Links William Lane Craig’s website. Philosopher Craig, well-versed in the findings and implications of modern science as well as philosophy, is becoming increasingly well known as as apologist and defender of the Christian faith in secular forums, often alongside astrophysicist Hugh Ross and fellow apologist Ravi Zacharias. Hugh Ross, President of Reasons to Believe.  Perhaps the cutting-edge, best single site for up-to-date reporting of new discoveries of science, as well as how they relate to Bible teaching.  Dr. Ross (an astrophysicist), and his staff of another astrophysicist, a biochemist, and a theologian, are old-earth creationists, but not theistic evolutionists, not Darwinists, not young-earth creationists; they believe that Intelligent Design doesn’t go far enough, and, further, that the Bible, while not a science textbook, can be used to predict certain outcomes in scientific research, and that many of its statements can be tested.  [Let me make it clear here, though it should be obvious, that while I highly regard Hugh Ross’s work, my novel is in no way necessitated by RTB’s conclusions and objectives.] That’s my wife’s site.  She writes inspirational articles and travel articles. Weekly studies in the Old Testament taught by Tom Bradford, president of The Seed of Abraham Ministry, located in Merritt Island FL.   Podcasts on the web.  An outstanding Bible teacher, relating the OT to the New.  Helps the needy in Israel. Connected to Holyland Marketplace [ ] that sells products made by Jewish believers in Israel. A physicist with six novels and an interest in science and Christian faith.  Has an e-magazine and is interested in connecting with those of similar interests. Site of Jeff Gerke, of Marcher Lord Press.  Interested in science fiction and fantasy.

Karate instruction
This is where residents of the “Susquehanna Territory” have received, and can receive martial arts instruction.  Prince Fairold, Prince Galen, Sir Kerky, and Michael can trace the roots of their instruction to this Soo Bahk Do karate school.

[See under Resources my study sheet, “CREATION VS. EVOLUTION: 23 Things to consider if Christians Want to Think About and Intelligently Discuss This Issue,” more several more significant websites of science organizations, science and Christian faith groups, and information on the reliability and inerrancy of the Bible.  Notes accompany most of these.]