The simplified timeline illustrates our present understanding of how time goes.  Forgive if I generalize and summarize a very complex issue.  Under Resources I will cite several books, materials, and websites.  In short, by applying Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity (now overwhelmingly accepted), and observing (quite recently) background microwave radiation that can be traced back to the Big Bang, we conclude the following:

  • The universe is somewhat under 14 billion years old.
  • The universe began at a particular point in time, and will continue until expansion outward is so great that everything “ends.”  There is no “bounce back.”  That means that time is linear and that matter and energy (taken together) have a beginning and an end.
  • Steady State and oscillating theories are no longer accepted.

According to many who take the Bible very seriously, these conclusions strongly support the Bible, and are no way in conflict with it.  Further, though most don’t consider the Bible a “science textbook” (there are, of course, several takes on what this means), many consider that the Bible favors this old-age interpretation more than other interpretations.

If you’re confused about this, you may wish to see my notes, “CREATION VS. EVOLUTION: 23 Things to Consider if Christians Want to Think About and Intelligently Discuss This Issue,” listed under Resources.  In this are a number of important websites representing several viewpoints.  Or go straight to the dozens of books and materials at astrophysicist Hugh Ross’s Reasons To Believe website, www.reasons.org , which I highly recommend.

Now as to the timeline itself:

  • The Big Bang explosion on the left begins time.  ATB stands for “After the Bang.”  That’s standard nomenclature.  I didn’t make it up.  On the right, time and everything else “ends.”  Date?  Uncertain…  AEMP stands for “After Electromagnetic Pulse.”  I did invent that.
  • The sharp “up-and-down” accordion-type lines represent billions of years that we compress so we have room to spread out the recent years we are interested in.
  • Only 3 people are named: Adam, Abraham, and Jesus.  (Space is limited.  Forgive me for ignoring others.)
  • Between Adam and Abraham the timeline is “rippled” like a wave.  That’s because if you accept the historicity of Adam (as I do), the time between Adam and Abraham is very uncertain but quite long, probably many thousand years, and there are obviously gaps if you look at the Bible record.  Abraham descended from Adam, but we’re not sure how many generations there were in between.  Bible history is much more detailed after Abraham.
  • From Abraham to Jesus is about 1800 years.
  • From Jesus to the terrorist attack on “9/11” about 2000 years.
  • The time from 9/11 to the EMP explosions is, well, not too far away.  And I’m not telling! Let me say two things about that:
  • The “EMP explosions” come from my story, EARTH IS NOT ALONE.  You may check out more at EINA or by reading Chapter 2.  The effect of EMP on Hawaii in 1962 really happened.
  • That EMP explosions could really occur, and wipe out everything electronic, including electronic records of every kind, is possible.  Much material can be found on the Internet, and elsewhere, about this.
  • What happened to “BC” and “AD”?  Nothing.  I just didn’t put them in because you already know where they go.